Thursday, January 10, 2013


Chemo still sucks but things do get better in between doses. So, I am working, some from home and some from the office, though that is very hard to do. Adding 2 hours of driving time to a day that I struggle to get through without resting alot is tough. We'll see how long I last before I have to just stay home. Staying home is a big deal, though, considering FMLA allows for 3 months and I could be out for up to 9 months. There is also thing thing called money. It comes in handy to buy things and with less than 9 months of leave time, no short term disability and a 90 day waiting period for long term disability to kick in, money will be very tight indeed.

I am able to eat and drink now but not much of anything at one time. I plan to ask for extra hydration next dose and something good and strong for the headache. Maybe I can beat this beast into, if not submission, then at least tamer behaviour.

I really haven't gotten much knitting done. Some on the Atelier sweater, some on the Cancer Cameo shawl, but spinning seems easier for my brain to handle. I hope to update photos later today or tomorrow.

DH is finally getting around to winterizing the boat. Part of that entails running the motor (water running through it with muffs) while spraying some nasty spray into it until it stalls. Somehow that is supposed to grease the innnards so they don't freeze over the winter. Poor Bob. You can't do that job without getting pretty wet. It's in the 40's here, so not freezing but not nice out. His hands hurt so much when they get cold but he won't allow me to come out to help because I am so cold these days.

I got the most awesome card yesterday. I love turtles. Sea turtles, tortoises, regular turtles, whatever. Karen remembered that and sent a very nice card with a beautiful sea turtle on it. I smiled before I even opened it up. Oh, and then there was the purple glittery star on the outside. Purple is my favorite color.
Thanks, Karen.

I have recently been enjoying my support spindle again. It's one kind of spinning on  a spindle that I can do with little strain on my shoulder (possible torn rotator cuff, possible tendon tear). I thin I am going to  stop playing with the f=really fine, short fibers I have been suing recently and try other, regular wool. I want to experiment with what kinds of weight yarns I can produce with my support spindle. If that works well, I might start destashing some drop spindles and getting more Tibetan and/or Russian spindles. Those looks so cool. There is even a purpleheart one for less than $40.00! (I might indulge myself anyway. what good is cancer if you cant get a pity gift once in a while?  ; ))

Have a good day.

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EGunn said...

I'm glad things are looking up a little, anyway. Hopefully your suggested changes will make a big difference for the next round. I'm sure the crafting desire will come back as soon as you're feeling better.