Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Safe and sound

Hurricane or perfect storm, we made it through with little trouble. We are in northern Maryland and the storm passed north of us, thankfully. We had high winds and lots of rain but not to the severity that we would have suffered if the storm had passed closer or to the south of us. We lost power for about 8 hours, though there are many in the area who still are in the dark and cold.

We had no damage to house or boat. It was quite cozy the first night, even with the power off because we had borrowed a generator from Rob's boss. We had some lights, freezer and fridge hooked up to it as well as the all important sump pump. The pump keeps the house from flooding with water. It was getting chilly in the house but we are all healthy adults and could deal with that. I even had Internet access, though it was very slow. All in all a very good experience as hurricanes go.

Mom and my brother are still in the dark and cold, as are my other brothers, all of whom live on Long Island. No one had damage to the house, though and were not flooded.

My heart goes out to all of those who lost lives, belongings and homes. It will be a long haul for those in the hard hit areas.

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EGunn said...

Glad to hear you weren't hit hard! We barely got anything here; we were very lucky. It will certainly take a while for things to get back to "normal" after this one.