Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Fiber summary

After the TdF, during which I concentrated on spinning, I reverted to knitting most of the time. Unfortunately for my WIP pile, I did a lot of casting on and not much finishing. Currently I find myself very frustrated with my lack of finishing and being able to wear what I've knitted. I don't especially care about how many projects are on the needles, I just want to wear some of them. ; )

I have come up with a plan and Will. Not. Get side tracked. I am pushing to finish my Quaker Ridge Shawl. I chose that one first just because there was a reasonable deadline and I might win a prize if I get it finished in time. I have completed the pattern repeats and the ruffle. I have 3 garter ridges to knit and then comes the beaded bind off. The beaded bind off (one bead for each of the 500 stitches) will take a while, so this will be close on the timing.

The next thing to work on will be my Penumbra Shawlette, the Sivia Harding club project.
I have only about 10 rows to go and that's why that one goes next. The next project to be finished will be Bob's textured sweater. I still have only 1.5 sleeves and a neck edging to go. I may alternate this with the Penumbra in case there is knitting time that does not allow for lace knitting. I am trying hard to be monogamous. I am not 100% successful but pretty close.

After Bob's sweater and the Penumbra will come my Swirl sweater alternating with the Call me Cordelia shawl (again so that I have lace and non-lace knitting). That will likely take me to Christmas and I might allow myself to cast on something new. We'll see.

I plan to start my fall clean up/out of the house this week. It will take a while, but part of that clean up is to go through my WIPs and stash to see if I have changed my mind about  something and it's time to get rid of it. That also refreshes the projects in my mind and I may choose something form the bin to work on next. I have LOTS to choose from.

Ah, yes. Let's not forget the baby blanket I am knitting - that does have a deadline. I would also love to finish Topiary before  the winter is too far gone. It's lovely. And Juneberry. Sigh. I wonder how many hours of sleep I really need.

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EGunn said...

I wish I needed fewer hours! My crafting progress has slowed to almost nothing this past week, and the coming week doesn't look to be much better. (Though they did just declare tomorrow a hurricane day, and the school closed, so I might at least get caught up on work with that extra 10 hours spent at home to work uninterrupted!)

It is so nice to be able to wear finished projects; you'll be glad that you've pushed through. Just don't push too hard and forget that it's supposed to be fun!