Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Quaker Ridge Shawl

It's finished! I like it a lot and would consider doing another one, with slight modification. I like my shawls to wrap around my body and this one is just a bit short, so if I do knit it again, I will add increases at each end.

Next up is finishing the Penumbra shawl. This is a club pattern from the Mezzoluna shawl club. I have been knitting on it since I finished the QRS and have only 6 rows to go. This is another beaded shawl and I am really enjoying the process. I hope to have it finished within a week or so.

I am also knitting the baby blanket for my coworker. That one has a deadline, so I can't put it off too much.

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EGunn said...

Love the color and the texture on your new shawl! I agree about wrapping around; I prefer a shawl that holds itself on. =)