Friday, October 12, 2012

Montauk Vacation 2012

We camped this year, rather than stay in a hotel. No tent for us, though. We've decided that we are too old for that kind of thing. My brother bought a used pop up camper last year and cleaned and fixed it up. He used it himself and made it available for anyone in the family to borrow. We took him up on it. I am glad we did. It was so nice to get back in the campground again. 

This is the view of the beach from the path that cuts through the dunes at the camp site. Yes, we are that close to the Ocean. 

It rained most days, some times a light drizzle other times more, but the really heavy rains came only at night while we were snuggled in bed.  ; )

Here is my view of the Montauk Lighthouse from the beach that we go to for surf fishing. Bob mostly fishes and I mostly watch and knit. 

Here is Bob, trying hard to catch a striped bass or bluefish from the surf. In the water you can see one of the increasing number of guys who fish from a kayak just off shore.

This is what the rest of that shoreline looks like. It can get pretty crowded out there when the fish are in the surf.

Just because I like them photos:

And on the other side of the 4 wheel drive trail to the beach:

I've been doing some spinning again. These skeins are my first two attempts at an intentional 
 thick and thin yarn. The one on the left was the first and the twist is too high in the thin sections. I fulled it and the dyes leached out, dimming the nice bright colors of the original yarn. the skein on the right is the second attempt, which has much better, though not perfect twist. I have not washed that skein because I love the colors the way they are and I'm nervous about dulling the colors on that one, too. I might try adding vinegar to the water and just using cold, not fulling that skein. The flowers that the skeins are posing in are Montauk Daisies that we liked enough to bring home with us a few years ago and plant in the garden.

The fiber above was from Spunky Eclectic (club shipment), 100% corriedale in "Rosebud". 

Below you will see the Icelandic, also from Spunky Eclectic club, called "Snow Squall". I spun it into a singles and fulled it. I like this yarn. I'm not sure what I will do with it yet but the colors are nice and deep and I love them. 

I am home and back at work. The re-entry to real life was much less stressful than in recent years due to the new job.  ; ))
I'll post about my knitting efforts next time. I am off to spin and knit the weekend away at a spinning retreat in Chambersburg, PA. The weather will be perfect for it and the scenery is gorgeous there. 

Go O's !!!!! Beat the pants off those Yankees!!!

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EGunn said...

What a wonderful trip! There's nothing like spending time by the ocean. =)