Monday, September 03, 2012

Change of Heart

The sleeves will be knitted from the cuff upwards. I thought about doing short rows for the sleeve cap in pattern and chickened out.

Shellseeker is moving along. I have about 8 more rows to knit before I join the body and the pocket. Call Me Cordelia has another pattern repeat. Even the sock I am knitting on as a travel project has gotten some attention!

This is the start of a 5 day weekend for me. Courtesy of the Baltimore Grand Prix (I am not sure who thought it was a good idea to close streets near a large hospital) I am on "liberal leave" and since I am very new and therefore not all that useful yet in my new department, I am not considered an essential person and can therefore take vacation time. I am happy to do so. ; )

There will be chores around the house being tended to and spinning and knitting happening. We finally received the first pattern from the Mezzaluna Shawl club. I have 2 yarns in mind and plan to get input tonight at the knit night at my LYS to choose the best yarn for the beads I want to use. I don't love the pattern but it is interesting and it might grow on me. It's one of those short row shaping shawls that start with garter stitch but there is a patterned center section to interrupt the potential boredom. I won't be able to resist casting on but since it will take a different attention level than my other main projects, I don't think there will be too much competition. The main issue will be Cordelia time and I think I can work around that by alternating. One is beaded, the other not, so that will help decide which one I work on at any given time also. Some locations are just not bead friendly.

I picked a bunch of Roma tomatoes last night so I am off now to make another batch of tomato sauce, then get my hair cut. Have a great day.  

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EGunn said...

I like the idea of a 5-day weekend! Hope you got lots of fibery things done. =)