Tuesday, August 28, 2012

New Job

Yesterday was the first day at my new job. Boy, do I have a lot to learn. It's interesting, if a bit frustrating. The frustrating part is the logistical set up in the new place, not the job itself. I am glad I made this move.

Knitting has been mostly the Shellseeker Sweater and my Cordelia Shawl. I have 5 of 9 pattern repeats completed on the apple blossom part of the shawl, then the edging. On the sweater I have completed the front pocket and am now knitting the body of the sweater. I have decided to knit Bob's sweater sleeves from the top down so that knitting will resume soon. It makes for a bulkier, less portable knitting project but I think I will be happier with the sleeves.

I have been spinning a bit again now that the Olympics are over. I spun another bobbin of BWM and switched to spinning the bamboo from the Phat Fiber box I won (actually, Melanie won it for me) in July. The theme is seaside cottage and I love the colors. I bought more of the bamboo fiber that was included in the samples and intend to spin one ply of that, then spin all of the other fibers together sequentially for the other singles and then ply those together. Bamboo is tricky to spin.

Have a good day, all.


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EGunn said...

I sympathize with the new job adjustment. Even if it's a good thing, there are always a couple of weeks where things just don't quite work right and you don't quite know what you're doing. Hopefully you'll be over that hurdle soon, though!

I've never tried spinning with bamboo. I imagine it's pretty slippery stuff.