Friday, September 07, 2012

I think I have to have a frogging party

The Shellseeker sweater is looking so good! I attached the pocket to the body last night and decided to add a bit of length before I knitted the ribbed edge. I knitted a few more rounds and then slipped it onto a 60 inch cable to try it on. The length is great but I believe the body is too wide. It feels right in the shoulders but I think I have to either accept a very loose fit or rip most of it back. Sigh. I made no commitment last night and will put it on again today to make a final decision.

The Penumbra shawl from the Sivia Harding shawl club is growing steadily and that won't be too big. Call me Cordelia will get some attention this weekend, also. Shawls and sweaters are what I am knitting right now.

Spinning this past week included starting to spin my Phat  Fiber samplers. I will spin them one after the other into one singles which will be plied with the bamboo that I have already spun. I sorted the samples in the order I plan to spin them. I am recording the name and fiber content of each, along with notes about my impressions so that I can get more of my favs. I am also saving the cards from each so I can find the vendors. Smart, right?

The Spinners Study group is studying angora and Dorset this month. I have some of each and will most likely play with at least one of those fibers on a spindle this weekend. Bob has me scheduled for boat work (getting ready for vacation) and he and eldest son will do some roof work. We have a leak and have not yet been successful in stopping it. This weekend will involve more radical work. I will not be helping. I believe that I will be the tool fetcher and nothing more. I will have a spindle and a knitting project close at hand for the times between fetching.  ; )

The new job is good so far. We are in a slow period and that's just right for learning new procedures, protocols and routines. I am sure we will be very busy in a few months so I am appreciating this break. Vacation starts in a couple of weeks and it's a nice long one. Yippee!

Have a great weekend. If I can get some photos of my WIPs I will post them.

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EGunn said...

Sorry about the frogging. It's awful to have to rip back, but if it comes out being a better fit, it's probably worthwhile. Hope it doesn't take too long to knit back to the same spot!