Saturday, September 15, 2012

I was right

I did have a frogging party. Shellseeker was no more, then it was again. Two sizes smaller, and hopefully the right size.

The Call me Cordelia shawl is smaller than it was, too. It was entered into the frog pond because I had stupidly mis read the increase row instructions in the pattern and so didn't have nearly enough stitches for the snow blossom pattern. I do now, though, after ripping about 40 rows of lace.

The last - I really hope it's the last player in the frog pond is the sleeve for Bobs sweater. It was just a bit too snug for his comfort so rather than regret I just went ahead and ripped back about 3/4 of what I had knitted (thankfully only yo the elbow) and am now doing increases more frequently for a while before I return to the specified pattern.

At this rate it will be next year before I finish anything but the anythings will fit.

We are frantically doing chores to prep for vacation. Somehow there is never time to do it all, though one big holdup was the very necessary work on the roof. Unfortunately, it still leaks. Not nearly as much but it still leaks. I would add curses here but I'd probably be arrested and that would totally ruin vacation.

Have a good day.

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EGunn said...

It's so hard to rip back when you don't have a lot of forward progress to "make up" for it! Better to have things that fit than finished things that don't, though. I was just looking through fall sweaters today, and realizing that there are a couple that I might as well just rip out; they have never quite worked, and so they never get worn. It is nice to get it right the first time, though. Hope you have a good vacation!