Friday, May 04, 2012


I had this post drafted quite a while ago but got sidetracked ......

I mentioned recently that I had cast on another project. I have quite a few works on the needles right now and I thought I might mention them. It might make you fell better to see my WIP list or you might feel worse, but here it goes.

The new Lovers Lane hat
The test knit spiral shawl
Jeweled cowl
Bob's texture sweater
My swirl sweater
Rob's Riff socks
Brian's SKYP socks
Abyssal scarf
Wurm hat the second
Wingspan scarf

Those are the current WIPs, not the total list, because I have to unearth some project bags from the bottom of the closet to include everything. In the languishing project area we have the cardi cozy that needs to be restarted, the Shawl from Victorian lace today, some face cloths, another shawl from, my brothers socks that have to be re-knitted (despite the fact that he tried them on, they were too small to wear once completed) and .......

It's time to go through everything, make a firm decision and either finish or rip those languishing projects. The rest - yes, they will all be completed. I like them all and plan to finish every one of them. I feel a finishing binge taking hold .....

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EGunn said...

That's the kind of list that makes me a little breathless. (Actually, even having that many things in my immediate "to knit" list can feel like a big much.) I guess that's why I'm a semi-monogamous knitter, huh?