Monday, April 09, 2012

Knitting and migraines

Spring is often migraine season for me. I think the weather/pressure changes trigger the headaches and once they get a grip, it's tough to break free. I had another late last night. It kept me awake until about 3 AM so I am a bit fuzzy and sleep deprived today.

I worked on the test shawl yesterday, I worked on the abyssal scarf and a bit on wingspan. Then in the evening I cast on for another of Melanie's Lovers Lane hats. (yes, I am OK with yet another project on the needles) I used the same yarn but a different colorway. This one is shades of teal, left over yarn from a sweater I made last year. I like it so far.

I alos did some spinning yesterday. I worked on babydoll Southdown fiber. It came in a batt. It's very soft and fluffy. I was surprised to find out how much twist I had to add to keep it together, but it seems to be spinning up nicely. I have 8 oz. of a nice brown color and hope to make a pair of socks eventually.

I hope you had a good Holiday. I enjoyed mine.

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EGunn said...

I'm glad you had a good holiday, despite the headache. They do seem to come in clusters, don't they? Must be all the things blowing around in the air. Hope this one was your last!