Thursday, May 31, 2012

What a weekend!

I thought a lot about the people who are and have been protecting our country and our freedoms in general and i thought in particular about my father and FIL who served many years ago. Thank you to all of you for helping to preserve our rights and protect our country.

I had a lot of time to think those thoughts as I suffered with migraines all weekend and did little else. I tried. I relaly did. I did gardening in the morning, and laundry, then Bob and I went on the boat Saturday. We had trouble getting the motor started, it was much more windy (causing higher waves) than they predicted and I didn't feel well. I thought it was nausea from sinus drainage and a sinus headache but nothing I took worked. Finally I told Bob that I wasn't happy about being bounced around on the bay the way I was feeling so we went back in. On the way I decided to try my last ditch effort and took my migraine cocktail - compazine, imitrex and percocet. It worked! It makes me miserable for about an hour but it did work.

The next day we did more gardening, laundry and stuff around the house but I already knew I didn't feel well enough to go out. I had another headache and finally gave in and took the strong stuff. It helped, but the headache didn't really go away. Later that night the headache returned, with a vengeance. I was really miserable until about 1 PM when the 3rd dose of meds finally worked. UGH.

I managed to get in some spinning and some knitting between headaches. I completed one bobbin of the wool/silk blend I've been working on. I had carded some of my Black Welsh Mountain (BWM) fleece and I spun 2 short sample skeins of that. I've been spinning some merino that I scoured my self with the support spindle and I'm getting better at it. ; )  I finished the test knit shawl!!! and I just have to block it at this point. I stayed home with yet another migraine today but since it is better I might try to do that in a bit.

I saw a neurologist about my migraines yesterday. He says that since I was unable to tolerate one of the preventative meds and the other didn't do anything, I am not likely to respond to any others because they are all in the same classes of medications as the ones I tried. so, no migraine prevention for me. I have to just treat them with the meds I have. UGH.

My brother was in the hospital over the weekend. he got very dehydrated again and had to get IV fluids. He stayed for a few days and is home again now. He could be doing more to help himself - like giving himself fluids through the feeding tube he has, but he complains that he's too full. He could do better but I think he's just too tired from the chemo and radiation treatments to work at it. On a good note, I was able to get an uncle and another brother to help more with the driving so Steven and Mom don't get so tired and stressed.

I am getting ready for the Tour de Fleece - it's just short of a month away. I have to card more of the BWM so I can spin that during the tour, and I've been gathering and selecting the other fibers I will spindle spin. I am trying to plan out projects for the Ravelympics, too. I think that might consist of finishing one of the sweaters on my needles. Now there's a good goal!

I am off now to finish up a few work things, then maybe block that shawl. It's knit night at the LYS but I'm not sure I'll go. Migraines wear me out, and since knitting is a purely voluntary thing I feel no need to "make" myself go.

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EGunn said...

I hope you do find something that works for your headaches. There are so many more fun ways to spend a long weekend! I suppose enforced rest can sometimes be a good thing, but it would be nice to have it enforced a different way!

At least you have a whole summer out on the water to look forward to. =)