Friday, May 04, 2012

I finished something!

I actually finished 1 of the projects that were on that list from my last post. Brian's SKYP socks are completed, ends woven in and all. Melanie's shawl, which is actually this pattern , which I apparently started after my last post was drafted, is also finished, though I still have to block it. I plan to keep chipping away at the projects on the list. I don't feel overwhelmed, so I don't feel like I have to finish more before I can cast on again, but I'd like to finish at least one more project in the next couple of weeks.

The test shawl had to have a major overhaul due to my stupidity and is now back on track. I just finished the last of the section  a increases and am ready (tonight, I hope) to start the section B increases. There's only about an inch of that to knit before the edging, so I am very excited!

I have picked up both sweaters and started to knit on them again. That is, the Swirl sweater for me and Bob's textured sweater. Neither one will be worn this summer but I'd love to have them both finished for the fall, so I plan to keep on plugging on both of them over the summer, despite the heat. That's what AC is for, right?!

The second Lovers Lane hat is almost finished. I have to find my other size 7 circular needle so I can work the decrease section, then it, too will be a FO. I hope this one fits better.

I've been spinning some very nice fiber purchased in previous years at MDSW. It's a wool/silk blend, shades of blue, green, some yellow, red and I am not sure what else have been beautifully blended and look much nicer than it sounds. ; ) I'll try to get pictures later today. It's a dream to spin, drafts so easily, I just love it. This is the kind of spinning that puts me in "the zone". It's relaxing but not boring. I am hoping for a DK weight yarn, and the future project depends on yardage, so no idea just yet.

Speaking of MDSW, it's almost here!!!!!!!!!

I have plans to buy a fleece, some STR medium weight, some Miss Babbs sock yarn and other prepared fibers, depending on what I come across.   I start out on Saturday with Deb Robson, a co-author of the Fiber and Fleece Source book, for a "walk about" of the fair, discussing breeds and fibers. I can't wait!   After that it's all just browsing and trying to find the people I know who are going to be there. I want to be sure to see the garment and skein competition. The talent exhibited in that building is amazing.
On Sunday Melanie and I are going together. We plan to hit the Sheep to shawl contest first, then follow the list Melanie has made up of her important stops.

I am going to try to be better about posting. I get lazy in the evenings and climb into bed, browsing the internet on my I pad. It's easier to blog from the computer and I can't add photos from the I pad at all, so I tend to be bad about blogging.

Have a good Friday.

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EGunn said...

Yay for finishing! You always have so many things on the go, but you seem to make good progress on all of them. That spinning fiber sounds lovely. Wish we were moving to MA in May instead of June...there are three big fiber festivals that I'd like to go to. MDSW is one of them; maybe next year!