Friday, June 01, 2012

Safe and Sound

There were some very severe storms around here today. I was, apparently, on the way home from work when a particularly bad one went through our area and caused a lot of roads to be closed. 4 detours! Two hours after I left work, I arrived home. Safe and sound. ; ))

I think maybe the migraines have left me for a while. Fingers crossed.

The roof is still leaking near the chimney with rain and wind. I don't think there is anything left uncaulked, so I have no idea what comes next.

My brother has not been re-admitted to the hospital!

I've been spinning the past few days. I want to clear some bobbins Before TdF so I am spinning another bobbin of singles to go with 2 other bobbins and will 3 ply them, hopefully this weekend. I hope the colors don't look muddy when plied.
Next I'll work on the California red (finish spinning, then ply) and I think there is one more bobbin with fiber on it. Must figure out what it is and what to do with it.

I was carding my BWM the other night and decided to try spinning it from the flicked lock to see if I can get a less hairy yarn. It's very prickly but maybe if I spin from a more smooth and aligned fiber I can tone that down a bit. I like my 3 ply sample and so that's what I plan for the yarn. What I can't flick I will card, but will do something else with that yarn.

Time for bed. It's been a long week. Stay safe.


Karen Frisa said...

It seems like you should be able to card your BWM, then remove the batt from the cards without rolling it. Then you can tear off strips (like you might from a drum-carded batt, only shorter of course) and spin from the end of the strips. That should give you a fairly aligned fiber, and the prep will probably be quicker than flicking.

EGunn said...

Glad you made it home safely! I hear we'll be having some storms here tonight, but we'll be tucked up in bed when they come.

You have been doing a lot of spinning lately! And if this is all the run-up to the TdF, I can't wait to see what you manage during the Tour itself. =)