Tuesday, February 28, 2012

cough, cough, sleep, cough, cough, boring TV

It's been a boring week and a half. The title sums up my activities, and unfortunately the exhaustion that hit me took away any and all knitting interest I had early in the illness. I have very little to show for my time at home. Now it seems like such a waste of time, but at the time it seemed the only way to go. When picking up your needles and knitting a few stitches tires you out, there's no point in bothering.

I am healthier now, though, and back to work and back to knitting. I have been enjoying the sunny days. The knitting I did mange while I was home included several rounds on Rob's Riff sock (the second) and the mindless (almost) stockinette knitting on the Swirl sweater. I tried to work on Bob's texture sweater but I apparently lost the ability to count to 5 (the number of  stitches in each block) so I gave up. ; )

Spinning has not yet resumed.  I am still to fatigued to handle spindle spinning and my next effort on the wheel is plying. Given how much I dislike plying, I am not going to attempt that while not feeling great.

I am going to test knit a hat that Melanie designed - I like it because it is a bit different. I can't wait to buy the yarn for it - hopefully Thursday (if I make it that far this week) and Saturday is my fall back shopping date. I will also buy some superwash wool to make another neckwarmer for my brother. He never asks for anything but asked for this when we were up there 2 weeks ago. I have to find something nice and non-itchy, hopefully in blue or red, which are the NY Giants colors. These two projects will be my Iknitarod projects.

Yes, Iknitarod. It's a Ravelry group inspired to challenge themselves in some way as the mushers are doing in Alaska.  The mushing race starts in just a few days. I have always been interested in that race and thought this would be a good time to manage a short (about 2 weeks) challenge. The challenge is anything you want it to be. I have the website for the race bookmarked and I will knit along. Much fun, little stress, lots of inspiration to get going. Just what the doctor ordered.


Kat1e said...

Thank goodness you posted about the Iknitarod! I'm gonna try to finish a baby blanket which might be a totally insane idea, but I'm super excited by the challenge and following the race! :-)

EGunn said...

I hope you're feeling better! You know it's bad when you're sick enough that you don't want to knit. Good luck with Iknitarod!