Friday, January 13, 2012

It's official

I am over-committed. Fiber wise, work wise and home-wise.

Knitting first (as usual): I have on the needles
1. Bob's sweater, most of which still needs to be knit.
2. Jeweled cowl
3. Riff socks
4. SKYP socks
5. mawata mittens
6. Swirl sweater

I have committed to:
1. gloves (it's a Christmas gift) KAL
2. a cowl per month
3. Topiary KAL

All of those are good projects and I want to make them.  I have other things on the needles that I don't consider active projects, but that I'd like to get done at some point. I have to review those soon, frog what's not going to work for some reason and get going on the rest.

Spinning - on the wheel or spindle:
1. silk on spindle
2. grafton batt on wheel
3. masham on spindle
4. Icelandic on spindle

I have so much fiber still to be spun that it's beginning to embarrass me. It was all in one place right after Christmas and I couldn't believe it was all my fiber in those bags. Must get to work on it soon.

Work - I don't think I can even get into that. Suffice it to say that I will be working on cloning some time soon.

Home - I really want to de-clutter and re-organize. I have to get over my "let's save it in case", but how to strike a balance between that and wasting because in some cases "in case" happens is a puzzle to me. I made some progress over the weekend. I got rid of a lot of old business papers and photographs from our old photography business. There's more of that to go, but I think the worst is done.Yippee!

I want to exercise every day. I get home from work after 6 most days and, because I get up a little after 5 AM, go to bed by 10 PM. That's not a lot of time for dinner, dishes, exercise, spending time with DH and fiber time. Somehow I have to work that out.

I obviously have my work cut out for me. I had best get to it.

Have a good Purple Friday, and Go Ravens!!!!!!

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EGunn said...

I know how you feel! It seems I am always overcommitted, somehow. At least most fibery things don't come with deadlines!

Hope work and life calm down so that you can get to your fun things, too!