Monday, January 16, 2012

2012 Goals

I can't really explain the reason for it, but I flop when I make resolutions (which just makes me more likely to fail at other resolutions) but do pretty well when I set goals for myself. Maybe resolutions feel more firm and therefore if I don't get there, I have failed as compared to goals that I strive to meet? I don't know, but there it is.

My goals for 2012 in no particular order are:

Improve my physical condition (at least for now that means walking as close to daily as I can make it)

Declutter - house, office, fiber and yarn stash, everything.

Knit more yarn than I buy (in other words, knit more from stash and less from the store, though I do want to support my LYS)

Spin more fiber than I buy

Learn something new in the fiber world. Maybe ply on the fly, maybe a new-to-me knitting technique, long draw, whatever.

Learn more about the candidates that will be controlling our lives for the next few years so that I make informed choices (limited though they may be)

Spend time with Bob doing both work and fun things. Savor such times.

Savor every minute with Mom and try to increase the number of minutes this year.

1 comment:

EGunn said...

I don't do resolutions, either. They feel much more like homework or a "duty." A goal is just something to focus on or work toward. Go figure.
These sound like good goals to me!