Thursday, October 20, 2011

In person

She's just as funny. Adding the facial expressions, tone of voice and laughter, listening to the Yarn Harlot read excerpts from her newest book was a great way to spend an evening. I had a great time. As usual, I got tongue tied in front of someone famous and didn't say half the things I meant to say. (that NEVER happens when I am with "regular" people. Just ask. If you can get a word in.) I did manage to remember to give Stephanie the little sheep pin I had brought for her. I and my autographed book are going to settle into bed tonight for a little reading. ; )

I am near the end of the Imperial Ranch Columbia yarn. (Shaelyn Shawl) I am near enough to the end of the yarn that I am in trouble, since I didn't bind off at the end of the last lace section and now I think know that I won't have enough yarn to do another stockinette and lace repeat plus the bind off.  Decision time - do I buy another skein and finish it up after this last repeat (leaving me with lots of extra yarn) or do I rip back and bind off after the last lace repeat, wasting the yarn that's left. What do you advise?

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EGunn said...

I saw Stephanie last night...she is always great fun. Did she read the chapter about questions from non-knitters?

Don't know what I'd do on the lace. Depends on how long it is now, and how much trouble it is to buy more yarn. I always tend toward buying more yarn in such cases, but if it's long enough or hard to get, then one lace repeat won't matter much one way or the other. =)