Saturday, October 01, 2011

Spinning and knitting progress

I am interspersing more Montauk photos as I go along with other news. Hope you don't mind.

I am feeling a bit better today. I got some spinning done tonight even after working my longest day this week. Early to bed again tonight, hoping to keep up the progress on shedding the cold.

This is my spinning status on the Grafton Batt. I have a bit more to spin from this first batt. It's lovely to spin.
I acquired more fiber recently. Bad girl. I couldn't resist, though. Erica at Designknit worked from a few photographs I sent her to come up with some pansy colorways. I just loved two of them, so .....

The colorways have been painted on Polwarth, which I have not spun yet. I just love these colors. I haven't decided yet how to spin them and whether to ply or make singles. I'll daydream and plan a bit more. It adds to the enjoyment, I think.

This is another bit of fiber waiting for me to get to it. This one is Falkland fiber.
Working on seaming my sweater, still. I have no idea why the picture loaded upside down.
One sleeve installed, the other one is halfway there.
I finally remembered to take a picture of Rob's afghan. There are two more stripes to be added to what is there now. I might do some seaming this weekend. I need to spread that chore out over time.

This is my first attempt as spinning yak. I spun it on my akha spindles, then plied it last night. Today I looked at it again and added more twist. It is still over spun, but better. I am spinning more of it and trying to add less twist to the singles. It is very soft even though it is over spun.


KnottedFingers said...

Gorgeous!! I love buying new dyed braids it always makes me happy! As for Yak. I have some and some Camel but I'm still afraid to try and spin it. LOL eventually I will

EGunn said...

That is a lot of spinning/knitting! I really like the pattern in the afghan, and the color of that batt is beautiful.

Somehow I always seem to add too much twist to my singles!