Friday, July 08, 2011

No Touring Yesterday

Somehow, between working, eating, going to knit nite at the LYS, trying to get my apps (and the contents thereof) back on the I Pad (lost after a restore)(not successful and I'm aggravated. There were lots of knitting patterns on there in addition to the books we've bought) and sleep I did not manage to spin at all yesterday. I'll have to spin on one of the other rest days to "atone". ; )

I knit some on Cladonia and 2 rows on the cardigan during the time at the LYS but that's it as far as my fiber efforts yesterday. I did manage to get my pictures off the camera and onto the computer, so now I have to work at getting them on the blog and taking daily pictures of my spinning.

TGIF. Have a great weekend.

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