Friday, July 15, 2011


I am so ready for Friday this week. I'm always ready for Friday but this week the feeling is much stronger. I haven't had a bad week, just a busy, stressful one. I think I've dealt with things well enough, but I was at work until late (7 PM one night and 9 PM another) twice and dealt with some unusual tasks. I can't wait to relax, knit and spin and spend time with DH.

Tonight we will try to accomplish necessary chores. Tomorrow we plan to go boating and, if the weather holds, to spend the night on the boat. We haven't done that for 2 years and I'm really looking forward to it. It's so peaceful out on the water at night. I love to look up at the stars (which are easier to see on the Bay, away from city and town lights), listen to the waves lap against the hull, talk, spin and knit (me), read (him) and relax. We'll anchor in an out of the way place and settle in for the night. In the morning DH will likely get up before me - he wants to try some early morning fishing. That's OK. I can take my time waking up while he does his thing. We'll stay out until we get too hot or too hungry and then come back to the marina whenever we're ready.

I'll knit on eldest son's afghan and the lace edging on the Cladonia Shawl, maybe the cardigan, too. I'll bring my drop spindles and work on spinning Romney and silk (separately, not on the same spindle). My Pagona shawl is at the point (by the measurements) for the edge and bind off but I still have yarn and so I'll make it bigger. Once I tire of knitting on it, I'll bind off. ; ) I'll also work on swatching with my newly purchased linen yarn. I am considering designing a lace tunic top, so I'm playing with needle sizes and lace patterns.

Have a great weekend.

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EGunn said...

That sounds like a great weekend! I know what you mean about busy and stressful; I've been working lots of long days lately, and unpacking whenever I'm not working. I'm so glad it's almost over! Enjoy your time out on the water - it sounds idyllic!