Sunday, July 11, 2010

It's been a heck of a week

It's been a crazy week. We got a call on Monday that my mother had suffered a fall on the 4th and hit her head badly enough to cause bleeding in the brain. She was in the hospital, wanting to go home, awake and alert. I spoke with her and 2 of my brothers. It turns out that she lost consciousness for an unknown reason and fell, hitting her head. She may or may not have a small brain bleed - they can't tell for certain on the 2 CT scans they did, so it's small if she has one. We left MD on Tuesday morning to drive up to Long Island, and arrived at her home just as she did after discharge. We stayed the rest of the week to care for her. She is badly bruised and they still don't know what caused her loss of consciousness. That is the biggest concern. She seems to be getting better, though still having dizzy spells, which is, of course, potentially dangerous. One of my brothers lives with her and though he's not a good nurse (his bedside manner leaves something to be desired), he will keep an eye on her and help her with what's needed.

Before that happened, and during the days I was there I continued my Tour deFleece spinning. It was both stress relief for me and a distraction for her (watching) once she was up and around. (FYI My mother does not believe in staying in bed. She spent 2 days in bed after discharge from the hospital.)


became this

I didn't ignore the spindle spinning, either. I've been working on spinning this Wensleydale

and I've gotten this far:

When I got tired of spinning the Wensleydale, I tried my hand at spinning the silk gifted to me for my birthday by Nancy. I need to go slowly - I want this beautiful yarn to be a true lace weight for a shawlette.

I finished plying the llama top but forgot to get a photo.

I plan to get in more spindle spinning today while on the boat. I wasted a good part of the day trying to make a collage on picasa to post on Ravelry and apparently it doesn't like Macs. So, no wheel spinning done today so far, though the wheel is set up and ready to go. I am struggling with the black merino fiber (intended to be the third ply of the yarn above) . The staple length is very short and it doesn't spin smoothly. I can't decide whether to get something else in black to use or to stick with it.

Have a good Sunday.

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Sandra said...

lovely spinning. The fibre you have looks delicious.
(I will not start spinning, I will not start spinning, I will not start spinning...)
Sending good thoughts about your mom...