Sunday, July 18, 2010

A day on the water is not always the best way to spend a day

One of Mom's water lilies with a koi nearby.

We were really looking forward to spending yesterday n the water. The winds were forecast to be 5 to 10 out of the south. We packed up food and drink (non-alcoholic) and spare clothes and bedding (we were going to spend the night). We headed south. The ride was rough. The winds were stronger (as usual) than the forecast predicted and the tide was flowing against the wind, which makes for bigger waves. It was a rough ride.

I was knitting. I had cast on with my hand spun for the wrap/lap robe I've mentioned before. The f******ing KnitPicks cable came apart and my stitches ended up all over (not for the first time). I am sending them a nasty note and possibly the needles and never using them again. I am done with KnitPicks.

We moved around a few times, did some fishing, then later found a nice place to sit and have supper. soon, though, we had to move - we were sitting over someone's trotline for crabbing and didn't know that or that we were required to get out of their way even though we were drifting. The guy was a real PIA about it, too, coming way too close to our boat before saying anything. Anyway, we ate, then decided where to go next and headed in that direction. The wind decided to pick up at that point (instead of the predicted 10 knots, it was about 15) , and things became rather uncomfortable. We ended up heading in to the marina instead of staying on the boat and had a rather uncomfortable trip back, too. I felt like I wanted to escape my skin, I was so sticky and uncomfortable. Ugh. Altogether not a day to go in the records as a great day. I plan to spend as little time outdoors today as possible.

I spun for over an hour on the wheel this morning and this is my progress to date on this merino fiber, dyed with natural dyes and purchased at MD S & W this year.

Most of the week I spun on my spindles - here's the Perfect Storm Wensleydale.

And here is the silk. I have to admit, it's been getting most of my attention.

Here is a poor view (I just couldn't get a better shot) of the V neck cardigan I have been working on. I am on the bottom seed stitch edging.

The travel sock is shorter than it was. The foot was too long.

The Slinky Ribs top hasn't changed this week. I haven't had the time to concentrate on the instructions for the sleeve cap.

On the boat, as I mentioned, I cast on with my hand spun for a new project. There's not much to show, but here it is. The next color to be used will be a solid blue.

Mom seems to be doing well. She feels better each day though she still gets dizzy occasionally. I'll be glad when she gets checked out by the cardiologist. I'll share more photos of our visit there another day. Have a good Sunday and try to stay cool.

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