Monday, June 29, 2009

Monday morning. Ugh.

I know, I should be happy that I have a job and my health (with the exception of my poor right leg) etc. but I really dislike Monday mornings. Sigh.

Clapotis is not finished, I am sorry to say, thanks to a whopper of a migraine Saturday morning and into the afternoon. It is a little further along, though. No work on Laminaria happened over the weekend. Saturday was a washout as far as getting anything done that required thinking. On Sunday I tried to get caught up on household things (with mixed success).

I did something exciting (for me). I finally got around to trying one of Cat Bordhi's new sock architectures. I only had one false start on the first baby sock, then got it straight after that. These will make cute gifts in addition to good learning tools. I can't wait to finish this pair so I can try the next one. There are so small and made with worsted weight yarn that they go fast and won't slow me down on my other projects (much). ; ))

I am trying to be productive at work and at the same time move my stuff around the corner and into a new office. I have to get organised and find new places for things but don't want to slow down my regular work enough that I have to play catch up for a week or so. It is kinda cool, though, to have a blank slate.

Work on the deck rail replacement slowed when eldest son got a job. He now works 10 hours/day, 5 days a week and is understandably tired when he gets home. On the other hand, he could have moved faster and finished the job sooner and didn't because he thought he had lots of time. He always puts things off (chores, phone calls, etc.)and it drives me crazy.

Speaking of putting things off, I still haven't sewn my blue and blue striped sweater together. I hope I can get that done this week. Must write myself a note .....

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