Friday, June 26, 2009

Is there such a thing as a leg guard?

I have damaged my right leg several times lately, and it's beginning to wear me down. I need some sort of a metal frame that can be worn around my entire leg to protect it from the hard things I keep throwing at it. A week and a half ago I slipped getting onto the boat and whacked my leg right near the knee pretty hard. It swelled, I applied ice and it was just starting to turn colors but feeling better when, a week or so later, it started swelling and hurting again. I saw the doctor, had an MRI and now I wait for the verdict. The evening after I saw the doctor I was talking to DH about said boat (which was on the trailer in the driveway) and walked right into the tongue of the trailer. I have a very colorful bruise on the upper right leg, in addition to the large lump on the lower right leg, which is also the side I had foot surgery on in March (which is still painful). I need something to protect it from further harm. As a second choice, I could be locked in a room with chocolate, DDP and knitting so I can stay safe. Sigh. I don't think either one is likely to happen either. I am supposed to rest and elevate my leg as much as possible, so that may help with the weekend plans .... I like the thought of sitting in the swing on the deck, leg elevated, knitting in hand and a cooler near by with a a good supply of DDP and candy. What do you think of that plan? Right. DH won't think much of it either. We are supposed to paint the boat. : ((

Knitting, now knitting is going well.

Watch - I just cursed myself and will spend hours frogging tonight.

The Boatneck top in linen stitch - I separated the front and back and have about 6 more rows of linen stitch before it's time to begin the lace section.

Laminaria - I have 1.75 repeats on the blossom chart to do, then 22 rows of edging chart and I will be finished! Mind you, there are about 400 stitches per row, so it will not be finished in a day, but I'm close. The photo, of course, looks like a green bump. but it will be beautiful.

Clapotis - I am on the decrease section and going fast. That will probably be finished this weekend.

Travel sock - bound off the first, need to cast on the second.

Bob's sweater - not as good. I have to complete a few more rows of the sleeve cap, then calculate my rate of decreases and knit that sleeve.

Cardi Cozy - put aside while I concentrate on the boatneck and the Clapotis, but soon to be picked up again. I love the look of this garment. Sweater is too strong a word for it, but it's not a shrug, either.

I finished one cotton face/dish cloth and have 2/3 of another complete. That's just a take along project, not intended for any one or time specifically.

Oh, and I started a mobius (knit with the twist in the cable, not end to end) and that's growing also, though it seems slow. I have about 3 inches of width and I cast on about 250 stitches.

We'll finish with some pretty flowers growing in the railing boxes on my deck.

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