Monday, November 24, 2008

My weekend

Last weeks' snow fall. Not much, but pretty.

The holiday party was OK. There were fun people there and dancing. The music was so loud and the room was so dark that we didn't dance at all. DH would have been lost in that room without being able to see or hear anything to keep his orientation. We did circulate and it was nice to meet the spouses of the people I work with. No photos, though, even before we left the house. I was having trouble with my hair, and by the time I finally got it the way I wanted it we were a little late.

Bob and I raked leaves on Sunday - I love doing that. Karen and I walked our 4.5 miles and I don't love doing that! But we went anyway. Tonight will be our last walk for a week because Karen is visiting relatives for a while. I might just be able to do some walking on my own while she's gone, though, with a nice long weekend in store. One thing I will not be doing is shopping on Friday. Deals or not, I am not willing to be trampled, pushed, shoved or risk my life in the parking lots filled with bargain-crazed people!

We also watched lots of football on Sunday. The Ravens won!!!! The Broncos lost - they were embarrassed, actually. Shame on them.

It is a short work week. Yippee! I plan to enjoy every moment of my time off with DH. Wednesday afternoon I will be celebrating.

I worked on a pair of fingerless mitts for DH last night. I will have to re-work them a little, (the yarn didn't go as far as I thought it would and I ended up with uneven half fingers) but the over all plan pleased him and I can fix the rest. This time I will take notes, too. LOL. I knitted on Brian's alpaca vest and my silky lace scarf. This coming weekend I plan to 1. finish the I-cord on my vest, 2. pick up stitches around DH shoulder for the second sleeve and get the short rows done, 3. finish his fingerless mitts and 4. work on Brian's vest. I WILL NOT cast on for the lace scarf or another pair of socks. I will not.

Every year over the Thanksgiving holiday I take out my Christmas dishes and put my regular dishes away until near the end of January. It is a ritual - annoying sometimes, but rewarding and brings on the holiday feelings. I skipped one or two years with the deaths of my in-laws, but I will do it this year. If the weather cooperates I would like to get the Christmas decorations up this weekend, too. It's not as important to do them at this time since Bob is not working, but it would be nice have that done, too.

That sounds sort of ambitious, doesn't it? I'll have to prioritize, I think.
Have a good day.

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