Monday, November 03, 2008

Knitting and Football

It may seem strange, but that's a good combination for me. I knit a lot while watching football, and I love it. I keep my hands busy while watching a sport, feel like I've made sitting in front of the TV more worthwhile because I am being productive, and I have something to do during commercials. I mostly mute the commercials because I can't stand listening to the stupidity, but if I am really involved in my knitting I will leave the sound on so I don't miss it when the game resumes.

I keep plugging along on Bob's sweater. I started my I-cord edging for my seed stitch vest. It looks good and I think I will really like the finished product. I worked on the alpaca vest for Brian and I am ready to start the color work section. First I will draw a chart for myself, though, so I don't mess it up doing it top down. Visualization is not my thing.I knitted 2 pattern repeats yesterday on my Silk and Ivory scarf and an other this morning before I left for work. Yup - before work. The change to standard time is still messing me up. I was ready for bed rather early last night and awake before the alarm this morning. Oh, well, another couple of days and I should be OK.

Saturday's weather was gorgeous and somehow I expected it to be similar on Sunday. It was nice and sunny in the morning when Karen and I walked, but the clouds came in soon after and I had trouble drying the clothes on the line. That was a disappointment.

On the improving my health front, I did my second day 2 (50 push ups) workout for the 100 push up program yesterday. Today is a day off (they reccomend at least one day between sessions) and tomorrow I move on to day 3 (57 push ups). Gulp. Karen and I walked Friday, Sat. and Sunday this weekend (4.5 miles each day), and today is a day off from that, too. (thank goodness!!!)

Happy knitting everyone and don't forget to vote tomorrow.

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