Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Vacation continued

Montauk beach memories

Moving on....
We arrived home at about 12:30 Am on Friday, and I left for
Knitters Day Out
at about 2:30 PM. Three of us drove together and shared a room - that leaves more money for purchases, in addition to being much more fun. Nancy and I had classes on Friday night. I took Sock Party with Carol Breitner. We had fun, got to know other fanatical sock knitters and learned a few tips and tricks both from Carol and from speaking with the others in the class. One of the activities was designed to get us to know each other better, and we learned a lot about each others sock knitting preferences and specialties. Nancy's class on Friday was Curly Q Scarf with Joy Jannotti and she was excited to have that going. Karen visited with friends and cruised the market.

We ate in a nearby diner after class and just after we arrived, and lot of local people came in - Friday night football at the high school finishing up. Many had face paintings and were in costumes - fun to observe.

The next morning came earlier than we wanted after staying up for *a while* to knit the night before, but we were motivated by our morning classes. Karen took Seven Things that can "Make or Break" a Sweater™ with Margaret Fisher. Nancy and I both took Double Knitting - THE NEXT STEP with Linda Montgomery-Blair. Considering that Nancy and I hadn't done double knitting for a while, we did pretty well. The emphasis was on shaping in double knitting - increasing and decreasing symmetrically, and I think I got it. Of course, I thought I had it before and was stuck once out of class, but we'll see. I was not at all graceful but did what I had to do, and I was able to do more repeats the day after, and remembered what I had to do so maybe there's hope. giggle. I think that this technique is one I have trouble with because it helps to be able to visualize both sides of the work at the same time and that's not easy for me....

After lunch, which was pretty good, Karen went off to teach her class and Nancy and I hit the Market. If only money was no object.... sigh... reality snaps me back to the present.

I bought 2 patterns, (I am not sure why Blogger uploaded these photos horizontally - sorry)

I also surprised myself by buying 5 skeins of Mountain Colors Mountain Goat, a mohair/wool blend.

I usually avoid mohair in yarn due to the itch factor, but this feels yummy so far, and the color is wonderful. It was also on sale. ; ) It will be a vest.

This book came home with me, also. There are several patterns in here that I will make use of. It includes patterns for women, men and children.  (again with the horizontal uploading. Ugh.)

While in Montauk (and before we left) I knitted on Cookie A's Thelonious. Here's my first completed sock:

I will close for today with yet another Montauk photo. We watched a storm blow buy just north of us.  I just love that place. sigh.

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