Friday, September 26, 2008

Fishing with .... the birds.

It may surprise you to know that the pursuit of fish under the water frequently requires the presence of birds over the water. All around the fishing areas - docks, marinas, bait shops, the call is "have you seen birds working the water?". What that means is that we look for the birds to fly around like crazed creatures and dive bomb into the water to get bait fish. That's where we go, then to catch fish. The birds show us the way.

It is a little strange to be so close to these birds as they flit and dive in many directions. Bob even had one get caught up in his fishing line! I didn't have time to take any photos, but we hauled him near, Bob held his wing still (I do have a tendency to call the stupid ones him. giggle) and we unwound the line from his feathers. He indignantly flew away and was soon back to hunting for his meal.

The circle in this photos indicates the bird that is just about under water getting his fish. all you can see is one wing. 

Bait fish are the little fish that have come too near the surface in their efforts to get away from the bigger fish that are trying to eat them. They can't win! It's a good thing that there are a lot of them. Under those fish are even bigger ones, trying to eat the middle fish. What we were trying to catch were the striped bass near the bottom. What we caught were the ones in the middle layer - bluefish. Very yummy even if they were not exactly what we went there for.

There are beautiful natural (as compared to planted there) plants growing all over the area. Here is one of the roses that grow abundantly. Too bad I couldn't share with you the perfume in the air. ahhhh.

Beach grasses are beautiful even without blossoms.

I am sure that if this were growing in my garden, I would call it a weed and pull it, but here it seems right.

We'll finish up with another beautiful Montauk sunset.

Knitting content tomorrow, I hope.

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