Monday, June 16, 2008

Wow! it's been a while

I've been to NY and back. I've moved my office across the hall at work. I've done gardening (it looks good but it's a little behind the growing season), dealt with a few family issues and I've been knitting and spinning.

I hope to have some photos soon of my knitting and spinning progress. It is a dark evening because of the clouds and rain we had earlier - not very photo friendly.

I bound off the sleeves  on Cables and Os! I have to sew in the sleeves, knit the neck band and decide whether I want front bands. That's all that's left to be done. yipee!

I am at the heel of my basket weave sock (my latest take along sock) on one and about half way up the foot of the other one.

I have knitted the front to the joining place and just started the back of the cotton/linen blend tank top in the Wool in the Woods yarn. (rose and green colors seen in the June 7 post)

Here's a picture of my previous travel project - a finished pair of socks in cotton/wool/nylon. This yarn was gifted to me in the mitten swap I participated in last year and I love it.

This is my latest spinning project. I am turning this

into this

an attempt to create a worsted weight yarn - 2 ply. We'll see how it goes, because this is not my *default* spinning weight. I've been using my drop spindle also - I finished the first ounce of that pretty blue fiber, wound it off onto a temporary bobbin and started on the second ounce while I was in NY. I'd like to go do more of that spinning now, so I will leave you with some pretty flower images (If I can get Blogger to cooperate for a change)

and a breathtaking sunset

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