Sunday, June 29, 2008


My dyeing results from last Sunday:

This is Trekking Natura sock yarn (I wish you could feel this) dyed in a turquoise color that you can't really see and appreciate here.  Since the yarn is a blend of wool and bamboo and the dye I used is for plant fibers, it's a very soft color and not quite heathered but not quite solid, either. I am very happy with this yarn.

This is Knit Picks lace weight yarn dyed with a dark green dye. I used a color resist in some areas then removed the resist and dipped it briefly into the same color to eliminate white  - it is an almost solid lace weight yarn destined to become some shawl or another. 

This is a sock blank from Knit Picks.  Molly gave it to me to try out. It is a flat piece of double knit fabric. I dyed it and then will knit a pair of socks from it, unraveling it as I go (instead of making a ball of yarn). There are two strands of yarn knitted together. This should make a look alike pair of socks, I would think. Thanks, Molly for letting me experiment with this.

This is Trekking yarn, dyed by me. I wanted a pair of tan or light brown socks with splashes of blue and dark green to go with a lot of my work clothes. The tan color was darker than I thought, so rather than dye the whole thing tan and the paint on the blue and green over it, I painted the entire skein. I am very happy with this yarn.  

I had some mohair that was part of a clearance bag of misc. yarns. I decided to play with it, made a huge skein - I think it was about 7 feet long - and put it into the dye pot after most of the vinegar water I had pre-soaked it in was dry. The result was a beautiful blue and white yarn in a very itchy mohair. LOL. I may never do anything with it except look at it, but I love the color and so I am happy.  

I am at the bind off on one basket weave sock. I've decided to do a picot edge but haven't settled on the method of picot yet, so it's not complete. I've been frogging the Wool in the Woods cotton linen top that I've been working on. Apparently I can't count to 2 on a regular basis so the double moss stitch was not correct. (blush) I am plugging along.

I have also been working with JoJoland Harmony. I had started the swirl shawl, then decided that the colorway I chose doesn't do that pattern justice. There just wasn't enough color changing going on for that pattern. So I browsed stitch dictionaries and chose the thistle flower pattern in Barbara Walker's second treasury. I have knitted and frogged that shawl so many times......

We hope to go on the boat this afternoon and evening but I am not sure about the weather. It's so hot and humid out that I will only work on non-wool, small projects. My choices are limited but I will have at least 2 projects on board.

It was a busy week last week and looks to be that way again this week. I am looking forward to the short week and long weekend, though. Have a good one. Remember to be safe if you use fireworks. Let's keep in mind the real meaning of the holiday, too, and spend some time thinking about why we celebrate that holiday. We are lucky to be Americans.

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