Friday, June 20, 2008

It's Friday and I worked from home

I really did work, too. I had 2 study binders that needed to be updated. I got everything done on those in about 5 hours. Then I took a break and went walking, and when I came back I dealt with 2 new issues that had come up. Everything is done and I saved gas and frustration and time by not driving. Yippee! I am hoping that I can do this at least once every two weeks, if not every week. I have to haul heavy binders home with me to work on but it's worth it in what I save, I think. I understand that more employers are allowing this recently.

We have water lilies blooming and I am very happy. Apparently so are the lilies. ; )

My basket weave socks are looking good. Here's the one that is further along. The yarn is Colinette Jitterbug.

and a close up of the pattern.

The tank top that I am ad-libbing a pattern for is moving, but slowly. This is a perfect *knit on the boat* project - worsted weight yarn, not a complicated stitch pattern and no wool or alpaca. Very necessary in the heat and humidity that is Maryland summers.  We haven't been on the boat much, so it hasn't gotten far. I have been doing a little work on it at home because I wanted to do the connection between the back straps on land. Rocking on the boat makes some maneuvers tricky. This photo is the front, being knitted top down, shoulder straps already connected. Once the back reached the same point, I will cast on more stitches for the connection of front and back under each arm. I think I will be working stockinette at about that point, or I will be converting to it soon after.

I started a new project the other night. I was browsing through my pattern collection and browsing on Ravelry. I have some yarn that was gifted to me a while ago with the intention of using it for the Pooling Colors Scarf . I was excited to try it, and try it I did. Over and over and over. After a while, every time I looked at that yarn I felt guilty for not being more stubborn, not figuring it out. It was a negative experience and not one appropriate to such beautiful yarn. I finally decided that it would be better to use that beautiful yarn for something.

The Montego Bay Scarf was one project that I liked. I wasn't sure about the color changes within the pattern but decided to try it. Quite a while later I finally had to make myself go to bed. The yarn is so soft and smooth and lovely that I want to just keep on knitting. I had thought that I would start the scarf and do just a few rows, then save it for when my socks are finished. I wanted a change from socks for a travel project and thought this would be it. It will be great, too, if I don't have it finished by that time. ; ) It's cashmere and beautiful.

My Cables and Os sleeves are waiting for me to attach them to the sweater. I don't see how I will find the time in the next few days so maybe I will "break the rules" and knit the neck band on next. Even picking up stitches doesn't take the same concentration as sewing in sleeves.

Have a great weekend.

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