Monday, December 16, 2013

Unknitting and not spinning

Atelier is no more. I was at the bind off of the body, had actually started it, and decided to try on the sweater to be sure the length was right before I did the bind off (lots of stitches). It was way too long, and I was busy measuring and trying to decide how far I had to rip back to place the pockets at a good level when I noticed that the arm openings were rather snug as I moved around. I had noticed this before but had myself convinced that this snugness would block out. I could no loner delude myself though. It really was to tight to wear anything under it and since it was a cardigan, wearing something under it is a necessity. ;-) Rip!!! I wound the yarn into balls, ready to get started again immediately. Then my brain jumped into action and asked me why I would start (re-start) a sweater now, just a few short weeks before I am scheduled (and anxious) to start a KAL with friends for another cardigan. With the same yarn (just different colors). My brain can be helpful at times and it was this time. I will wait until Cattails is finished before I cast on again for Atelier. I refuse to think about the hours wasted in knitting that thing.

I am knitting the Tilted Shadows wrap. I found, in rummaging through my yarns stash, several skeins of yarn that I no longer needed. My LYS owner was willing to accept the yarn that was current and thus I had a credit. Of course I couldn't leave the credit in place, I had to spend it right away, or at least most of it. I bought 4 skeins of Cascade Highland Duo, a very soft singles yarn in wool and alpaca to knit the Tilted Shadows wrap. I had been coveting it since I first saw and felt it a few weeks ago. I chose blue for a pop of color and then neutrals (gray, black and cream). I love the feel of it and, being stockinette with just a decrease at one end and an increase at the other end, a great project to work on when I am too tired to think but want to knit (which still happens more frequently than I would like. Like every week by Thursday and Friday!) It feels so soft and warm ....

I am now concentrating on knitting the vest version of Bernhardt for Mom (maybe I can finish it by the time we go visit in a few weeks), the Escalator socks (at least one) for Bob and, on nights when I can follow a chart, I'd like to finish my colorwork mittens from October. I'd love to knock out a few more WIPs before I start the new year.

I go to have my first post treatment mammogram done tomorrow. I didn';t think I would be nervous because the end of the treatments was so recent (my brain thinks that the cancer can't come back that fast, which is likely but not guaranteed), but I think I am a bit nervous after all. Have a good evening and send good thoughts my way tomorrow.

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