Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Happy Holidays!

This happens so often lately that I am not even going to apologise for the long lapse between posts.

I am feeling good. That is the best gift I could have for this year's Christmas. I still have work to do on developing endurance and muscle strength but I feel good.

September and October flew by with me dragging my butt to work and trying to increase my hours and strength. I felt many times that I wasn't making any progress and then DH would point out that a few weeks ago you couldn't do (something) and now you can. He was right, I was making progress and it was just slow enough that I couldn't see it on my own. Patience is not easy.

In November we gave ourselves a Christmas gift - we drove to Montauk, our usual vacation place. We had to skip vacation this year but I was yearning for a trip to Montauk. We took 3 days, stayed in our favorite hotel right on the ocean, and just enjoyed ourselves. We visited favorite places, ate well and Bob fished from the surf. He actually caught a few striped bass, including one keeper. It was delicious! I enjoyed every second of our trip. We saw some awesome stars one night, including the Milky Way. We saw some awesome surf, and had some sunshine. I knitted, he read and we just had a great time.

It's now December and I am behind on Christmas preparations. DH has been doing a great job getting the outdoor decorations up, and we need to get a tree this weekend. I need to start shopping, but since I have a broken foot, most shopping will be done on line.

Today was a snow day at home. I worked a half day from home and plan to get things neatened up in the living room so we have room to set up the tree, which we bought on Sunday. I have lists and plan to start shopping this week. luckily for me, many people want gift cards. This year they are going to get them. ;-) The rest will be purchased on line so i can limit walking on this broken foot of mine. Yes, I had a broken foot all the time I walked around Rhinebeck in October and in Montauk in November. It's no wonder that there is no signs of healing after a month. I never let it rest! The boot is on now and I am being very careful to take care of the foot so it heals.

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