Sunday, August 12, 2012

Wine and rain

Bob and I did something unusual today. We went out, not on the boat! Boordy winery has summer concerts on Saturday nights, and the husband do a knitting buddy of mine plays in one of the bands that performs there. I missed the first chance to go but we went tonight. The weather forecast had the potential for some storms, but the likelihood decreased through the day so we went. (The concerts are outside.)

We got wine, had our dinner, watched the people and listened to the music. I kept checking the radar, but I apparently was not correct in my thoughts about where on the map we were ....... There was a downpour! Everyone got drenched, though we escaped. We had just gone into the building to look around when the torrential rain started. We hung around for a while and eventually made our way back to where we had left the chairs and food. The chairs had huge puddles of water in them-no more sitting for us. We chatted for a while with other friends but finally left. As we started to our cars, the rain started up again, so leaving (the band had resumed playing) was a good choice. Sigh. So much for our night out. 
The laundry and gardening are done, so we will most likely head out on the boat on Sunday. Cotton sweater knitting, because it is the least smothering in the heat, will happen. I wish I could knit socks while on the boat. They are small and so take up little room when packing as well as not hanging all over the lap adding to the heat. I find that I can't knit lighter weight yarn on the boat without watching my knitting, which will make me I'll after a while. So, heavier weight yarn in simple stitch patterns is what I work with. 

I have been enjoying watching the Olympics so much! Closing ceremony is tonight - these last 2 weeks have gone by fast. Team USA did a wonderful job. Go USA!!!

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EGunn said...

Summer concerts are so much fun! Too bad about the rain, though. Hope the music was good, anyway. =)