Thursday, November 17, 2011

Dreaming ....

The winter Twist Collective is up. I like so many of the projects in this issue! The one I like the best, though is Zosia . I like the fact that it looks comfy but fitted.  I love the cables and the simplicity of the ribbing that sets off the cables. I like the color, too, though that is very subjective. I think it will look great with the buttons at least partway open, which is how I would wear it very often, but having that high collar there to fend off nasty winds is a wonderful option.

My favorite non-sweater pattern is Caliope, the short version. I can see those socks knitted in several different color combinations. You could easily choose shades of the same color or contrasting colors (as shown). Neutrals (black and white, shades of grey, brown and tan) would also work well. There are more that I like a lot, but those two stand out for me.

My vest now has a front edging. I hope to pick up stitches for the bottom edging soon - maybe over the weekend. I knitted a bit on Brian's binary cable hat, too. It's just about time to start decreasing for the crown. Tonight at knit night I plan to knit on the baby sweater. It's a good knitting and chatting project. After knit night I will be watching the football game on TV and that knitting will be Rob's sweater sleeves. I include what to knit with/around just about everything I do. ; )

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EGunn said...

Wow. I am always a huge fan of the projects in Twist Collective, but this is an excellent collection. More than half of the sweaters in there are ones that I'd be happy to own. I really like the cable shaping in the Zosia.

It's good to have the knitting sorted before heading out of the house. Otherwise you might spend a night like last Friday for me...2.5 hours of unexpected waiting in a car dealership with (horrors!) no knitting. Fortunately, they did have internet, so I was able to read blogs to keep myself amused. Still, best to have a plan in place.