Saturday, December 11, 2010

We made it to VA

We left early (5am early) and drove up to Delaware, over and down the eastern shore to virginia. We got here in time to check in, add layers and go fishing. It was actually a very nice day, about 50 degrees and barely any wind. Yippee! That did not help us to catch fish, however, and the striped bass eluded us. We felt somewhat better after talking to many people and finding out that no one was catching fish. The theory is that the water is too cold (42degrees) and the fish have stopped feeding.

We had a great dinner in Cape Charles and hit the bed early. We got going at about 8 this morning, trying to get in some fishing before the rain. We fished for a few hours, didn't have one bite and came in when the rain started. Again, no one else has reported any fish catching. Bummer.

I am now sitting in the hotel bed having finished browsing my favorite blogs and getting ready to knit for a bit before bed. It is amazing how early I want to go to bed after a cold day on the water. Tomorrow we head home. I forgot my camera, so no photos of not catching fish. No great loss there and with the weather being dark and rainy, there isn't much scenery to photograph, either.

I am off to knit further on the vampire boyfriend sock. Have a great sunday.

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