Friday, October 15, 2010

I need a vacation

F***ing Fall. There is a disturbing trend in my family for bad things to happen in the fall. We made another emergency trip to NY on Friday, 10/1. Mom had re-accumulated fluid/blood in her brain and it needed to be removed. She went to the ER expecting to be evaluated and then sit there for several hours waiting for her surgeon to have time to take her to the OR (he was already scheduled for several other cases). Instead, as soon as she got there they repeated her head CT scan and rushed her to the OR. She had fresh blood in her head, not just the older accumulation that was seen on Wednesdays CT scan. Whew! That was a close call.

We have spent a lot of time with Mom since then and came home on Tuesday, 10/5, which is also eldest son's birthday. I returned to work on Wednesday. It’s more stressful than I would have imagined, being here working, trying to support Mom and my brother (who lives with her), worrying about here and trying to stay on top of things and also trying to get back into my own life – house, husband, family.

I had hopes of rejuvenating this past weekend, and I did. I attended a spinning retreat at Wilson College in PA. Friday afternoon through Sunday morning, devoted to spinning and other fibery activities. I'll post about that tomorrow.

Knitting has not been progressing much. I just didn’t have time to knit while in NY – there was too much going on and at the end of long days I was too tired to knit much. I did get in some spindle spinning one night (at about 3 AM). Silk is soothing. ; )

Rob’s afghan is a little bit bigger. 5 stripes of 8 are complete and the 6th has been cast on. The Eliina shawl is still in the stockinette section but only needs one more repeat before the lace begins. I think (I haven’t looked in the bag in a while) that the Slinky Ribs sweater needs a neck edging and a bit more sleeve. I wore the V neck cardigan several times while in NY. There’s so much I want to knit …..

There’s so much fiber I want to spin and ply …..

All I want for Christmas is lots of fiber time. ; ))

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