Thursday, September 30, 2010

Where's the Ark?

It's raining and it's never going to stop. I am convinced. We went to the marina today near high tide to check on the boat.

See that sign that says slip holder parking? That's supposed to be a parking area, not part of the Chesapeake Bay. (Our boat is the 3rd one in, with the blue cover.)
Between those poles (pilings) there should be a dock. It's there somewhere because we saw people walking on it.

That guy in the red jacket is my DH walking on our dock, coming back from checking the lines of our boat. He's wearing hip boots. When I went out there to help him, I got wet to my mid thighs. I had no boots because we didn't plan on me getting out of the vehicle.

Many roads were closed due to flooding and the water was over the top of the creeks and rivers in the area, flooding the area around them.

We've had about 5 inches of rain so far and they expect us to get another 2-4 inches over night. Maybe we should sleep on the boat!

I worked from home today and I'm glad that I escaped the commute home. I do have to go in tomorrow, though, at least for a while. : ((

Knit nite at the LYS was cancelled tonight so I think I'll go spin for a while. My Mata Hari sock is growing in length, the Vampire Boyfriend sock is off to Molly for a test fit and the sweater
has a neck opening and the bind off for the sleeves is beginning. It looks like I'll have enough yarn this time .....

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