Monday, May 31, 2010

I hope June starts better than May ended

I haven't been posting much. Life issues. Not good. What can I say?

I have been spinning every day on either wheel or spindle and have finished spinning 3 bobbins of singles of the Targhee fiber I bought to participate in the Woolalong on Ravelry. I loved spinning it and hope to get it plied in the next day or so. While I let those singles sit and the twist set, I started spinning my newest fiber, Rambouillet. That was the fiber chosen for the Spinners Study group that I also joined (another Ravelry group) . I am behind - Rambouillet was the May fiber - but I really wanted to try it out. I purchased a braid in the Wild Violets color way

and it is so pretty.

This fiber is being spun all on one bobbin so that I can practice my chain plying technique (improved upon in Maggie Casey's plying class that I took at MD Sheep and Wool but still needing practice.) I have divided the braid into color sections and am trying to spin across the fiber. I plan to try some long draw spinning at some point, now that I've had some instruction, but this is not the fiber preparation that is best for that.

The Targhee seemed to have more crimp - at least that's what I assume when the fibers seem more "grabby" but both are a pleasure to spin with. They feel, at least as singles, very soft to the skin.

My spindle spinning is still the same llama fiber that I plied at sheep and wool. I should be able to fit the rest of the fiber on the two spindles and ply that for use. I am not sure what use yet because I have no idea of yardage. It is much softer than I had thought, though, so it might make a small lace neck warmer. I believe that I will spin my Icelandic fiber on spindles once the llama is finished. I felt like I had better control of it on the spindle than the wheel. It will take a lot longer to spindle spin it, but there's no rush.

I started 2 new sweaters yesterday. I had some Shelridge Farms wool cotton (pine color) that I picked up at MD sheep and wool a few years ago. I was browsing the patterns newly received at my LYS on Thursday and found a pattern for a V neck Cardigan (#241) from Knitting Pure and Simple. It seemed perfect. I swatched, blocked, measured and cast on yesterday while heading out on the Chesapeake Bay for a day of relaxation. I am liking it so far (about 2 inches down - it's a top down sweater, which I like a lot).

I also cast on the Slinky Ribs sweater from Custom Knits by Wendy Bernard. I've been wanting to knit with Silky Wool for quite a while, liked this pattern at first, second and third glance, and decided to be "boring" and knit with the recommended yarn. I chose teal and bought it at my LYS specifically for this project. I plan to have sleeves, though not the belled version in the book. I think 3/4 sleeves work well for me. Blocking and measuring commenced, and it's a good thing - the blocked swatch is very different from the non-blocked swatch. That, too, was cast on yesterday, in the car on the way to the marina. ; )

I reached the halfway point on the Spiral Stole - started on square # 11 of 20 on Friday night!

DH's white cotton sweater is washed and drying on the rack! It only took more than 2 years .....

I ripped back a huge section of knitting on the purple shawl from Victorian Lace Today. I found a mistake many rows down and I would not even think about dropping this down for a repair. It is much less heartbreak to just rip and re-knit the while thing.

We picked strawberries from our plants the other day. Only a few but they are very sweet. Nothing else from the garden yet, but the plants are growing and soon I will have to tie the green bean plants to the trellis.

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