Monday, May 17, 2010

How soon can I retire?

It was a wonderful weekend. There were good, useful thing accomplished, wonderful relaxation on the boat enjoyed and knitting and spinning were accomplished! All in one weekend! It is amazing what can be accomplished when one is energetic and sticks to the plan. LOL.

Saturday was the chore day. Clothes were washed and dried on the line. Weeding was done - the entire back yard gardens and some of the front. The rest of the front is up for attention next weekend. I also plan to fill my railing boxes with annuals to brighten up the deck. The bike ride (a little over 2 miles) was done on Saturday but not Sunday (we were on the boat on Sunday). More veggie seeds were planted and the baby grasses and baby plants were watered. I sat on the deck and enjoyed the breezes while spinning my Targhee fiber on my wheel. Spinning outdoors, on the upper deck, with breezes, birds singing and a view of the surrounding trees and bushes feels like an extra special treat to me. Dinner was yummy and cooked on the grill. I ran out of energy about 8 PM and relaxed and knitted.

Sunday was such a gorgeous day on the water. It started out a bit breezy but the winds died down in the afternoon as promised and the sun was out a lot more than predicted. It was a beautiful, calm, comfortably warm day on the Chesapeake bay. I enjoyed just being on the water for the first time this year. DH was extremely frustrated, though. He has had no luck with fishing for striped bass so far this spring. He'll pretty much have to wait now until the fall run. He really wanted to catch a spring bass and I feel bad for him. This is likely the last year he will be able to get out by himself on the bay (due to his vision problems)

Knitting consisted of work on Rob's afghan (I have about 5 rows to go to have completed half of the blanket), about 1.5 pattern repeats on the falling leaves shawlette for Mom in the fall colors yarn and a swatch for my new sweater. I am going to knit the Slinky Ribs (that's a Ravelry link because I can't find another that shows the sweater well enough) sweater from Custom Knits in Silky Wool. On the way to the marina and at the diner (where we ate supper at 9 PM) I knitted on the travel socks and got them past the more complicated heel section so that they are now a good travel project again. I also did some spindle spinning and finished loading the spindle. I have to wind off on to a temporary storage bobbin so that I can spin the last third of that fiber before plying.

My peonies and iris are blooming beautifully in the front of the house. I smile every time I walk up to the front door and see them. They are majestic blooms. I smile, too, when I see the pansies with their little "faces" on them in the pots right at the front door. Different flowers, different effects but they all bring a smile to my face.

I am still spinning Targhee on the wheel, but I tried a little Icelandic fiber on the wheel last night. I think I can spin a finer yarn on the wheel than on a spindle but I'll have to ply and knit with it before I can tell whether I like it or not. I hope to finish up my mini skein tonight and get back to the next batch of Targhee. I can't wait to see how that plies and knits up.

Have a great day.

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