Sunday, August 09, 2009

Sleeve Island

Work has resumed on DH's sweater. I had him put it on yesterday and looked carefully at it. It could have worked but I think I would have been pulling at it all the time to 'fix" the line of it so to the frog pond it went. The sleeve, not the whole sweater. I picked up fewer stitches and knitted a few rounds, then decided it had too few stitches and ripped again. This time I believe I have the number right and I plan to knit on it as much as possible each day. I want this puppy done. It will take a while, I am afraid, but it's right now.

Sleeves are also being knit for the Elemental Boatneck. Those are linen stitch sleeves, two at a time and so you can see why I feel like I am on sleeve island.

I have my Cardi Cozy on the needles, but don't really want to side track myself away from finishing those other two garments, so I will not pick it up. I am working on my scarf in between sleeves - the cotton yarn and the hempathy can tire a knitters arms and hands when knitted with exclusively. I am also continuing the swatching for the cardigan sweater I want to design with Shelridge Farms cotton/wool blend in a moss green color. I think I have settled on the cables, need to complete another pattern repeat before I know for sure, and I am still working on the plan for the edges. Laminaria has not been touched. I am scared.

I hope to be on the boat later today, and will work on eldest son's afghan - that will give my hands a break. I am not sure yet what else I will bring along. Yesterday was a laundry and gardening day, as well as resting from 2 days of constant headache. I don't know why I get these severe headaches - they feel like they start as sinus headaches (teeth and eye sockets hurt) but they get so severe sometimes that it hurts to open my eyes or move my head. I was home from work Thursday and Friday because of it. They were not fun days off and no knitting was done.

Say Hi to my turtle friend. He graces the table on the deck. Isn't he cute?

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Marguerite said...

Sleeve island sucks.

I have about a third of a Lighthouse gansey sleeve that's been waiting for me for so long I'm going to have a puzzle figuring out how to finish it. Because, of course, I didn't just follow the pattern and my notes are scattered and incomprehensible.