Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Mid week blahs and a rant

Not much progress on any front to blog about. The Luscious Lace Scarf is growing. I love it. Not much else has seen any progress. I was a slug last night after work and accomplished next to nothing.

I read on the net today about a woman in NY who drove drunk and high and killed herself and 7 other people. She drove the wrong way on a highway with 5 kids in her car! What in the world made her do something like that? Why would she drive at all, and especially with kids in the car under the influence of drugs and alcohol? She killed 3 other innocent people in addition to her family members, and for what? To get home sooner? Why was she getting high and drunk in the morning? I just don't understand and I am sickened by it. Her family claims that she didn't have a drinking problem and that it must have been her diabetes that did something to her. Blood sugar alterations can certainly happen if you are a diabetic and drink - but why was she drinking and driving?

If people would just think of others first instead of themselves first, the world would be a lot better place. Most people are so self-absorbed these days, and the lessons that kids learn by watching their parents' behaviour are horribly wrong. They go to church then cut off someone trying to exit or enter the road. They hear their parents say that they shouldn't lie but then the parents lie - on the phone or in person doesn't matter and it shouldn't matter whether or not they know the other person. Everyday language is foul, and there is no respect for others as people talk on their cell phones right through transactions, elevator rides whatever they do. I do not need or want to hear your conversation in the elevator car, especially at the volume most people use for their cell phone conversations. Put your turn signal on for a lane change and what does the person behind you in that lane do? Speed up so you can't get in!

Sorry. I get so upset when people do stupid things and others suffer, and the level of self-centeredness in this world upsets me. Maybe I'll be in a better mood next time.

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