Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sleeve Island and the new sock

I am stuck on sleeve island and it is frustrating. I knit 4 inches on DH's sleeve and have to rip back 2 or 3 inches (the sleeve is narrowing too fast for his comfort). I knit an inch on the Elemental Boatneck and discover that I have to tink back 3 rows because I got off the pattern of the linen stitch by one. Grrr. What I really want to knit on is my lace scarf and the new sock. I have completed the increases of this Whirlpool toe and am knitting even for a while. The toe looks so graceful and pretty with the swirled increases that I keep stopping to look at it. The colors are making me smile, too.

DH and eldest son are on the boat today, trying to catch some fish. They got up earlier to go fishing than I did to go to work. I smiled as I went back to sleep this morning after they got up, and I got up at 5:20 AM!

Tonight is knit nite at the LYS and I am really looking forward to seeing everyone. I want to show the yarn I dyed and see everyone else's projects, especially Nancy's knitted animals. Nancy is a friend of mine who enjoys knitting unusual things as well as sweaters and socks and "usual" stuff like that. Last year she knitted a labyrinth sweater. The sweater in the link is not her sweater, but someone else's, and it illustrates the idea very well. Nancy's was done in natural shades with alpaca yarn and is so awesome! She cast on over 3000 stitches!!!! She is currently working on knitting zoo animals - two sets - for a niece and a nephew and will then begin a set of dinosaurs. The animals she has completed so far have been adorable. Maybe I can remember my camera tonight and get some pictures to share. I plan to do more sweater sleeve knitting then allow myself the treat of some new sock knitting time.

Last night I did very little knitting. I had a migraine during the work day and while it was gone, I still felt very tired and had some residual headache to deal with. I did get a few rounds on DH's sleeve knitted. Actually, I should say re-knitted. : (

This weekend I hope to get caught up on household and garden chores, and I hope to do some spinning. I also hope to get the yarn for my brother's socks wound into balls so that I can cast on when I am ready. I can't wait to see whether the variegated yarn held with the solid will look the way I think it will.

Have a great weekend.

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