Saturday, May 30, 2009

Summer weekends

I love this weather we are having - warm, even hot later in the day, cool nights and most importantly, sunshine. I feel energized and can't wait to get outside and do things. I enjoy gardening, though I am by no means an expert or all that experienced. But I love to look at pretty things growing around my house.

This year we (read DH and eldest son) have been working on the deck. We have a second level deck and use it a lot, even in the colder weather. DH uses the grill all year round, we eat out there, weather permitting, and have a bird bath (with a pump to circulate water), a water garden and a swing. I am so happy when I can sit on the swing, slowly rocking back and forth, knitting and listening to music or my current audio book or just the sounds of the birds and the neighborhood. This year the deck is getting a face lift. The boards have been cleaned (power-washer and scrubbing), the railing caps have been sanded smooth and this week all of the upright supports are being replaced. We rearranged the furniture and it looks great. The railing boxes are full of flowers and I am looking forward to watching the flowers grow and bloom all year.

Right now, though, it looks pretty desolate and scary (to me). I have developed a fear of heights as I have gotten older. There is no specific cause, no trauma, it just started to bother me about 20 years ago and has gotten worse. I get this twisted, boiling feeling in my stomach and I feel like my heart might escape up my throat when I look out over an edge. I cannot go out on the deck right now except for the part right near the door because the rest of the railing is down for replacement.

On the knitting front, I received my order from Jimmy Beans Wool yesterday with the yarn I ordered for one of the sweater coats in the new Mason Dixon book.  The sweater is called Yank, by Bonnie Marie Burns. (You can see a small picture in her sidebar) Here's a Ravelry link with better photos. This is not a project I will be casting on any time soon, though. The yarn is llama and wool - not my favorite summertime type of project. But it is pretty.     ; )

I hope to spend some time with my spindle this weekend, as well as the Elemental Boatneck, Clapotis and Bob's sweater. There will be some gardening, some cleaning, possibly some boating (if I can convince myself to get up Early in the morning on a day off) and good food. I love that DH and eldest son are great cooks. giggle. Have a great day, wherever you are.

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