Tuesday, January 20, 2015

2015 goals

It's hard to put this in writing this year, with my grief so fresh, and yet I want to get myself together . There are things changing in my life, things happening to me/us and I want to make the best of what's coming.

My job as a research nurse in Radiation Oncology in Baltimore is transitioning to Bel Air at Upper Chesapeake Hospital. I will have more hours per day to use for myself (instead of commuting). I want to make good use of that time. Those hours will hopefully be spent either doing something with Bob (fun or chore doesn't matter. Just doing more things together matters) or in exercise. I want to get back to almost daily walking. It will help physically and emotionally and those are 2 good areas to improve in.

I want us to be more frugal in some areas so we can afford to go out on the boat more often this year.

I am organizing my stash and UFOs and plan to knit from stash a lot this year. That will accomplish 2 things - more funds will be available for Rhinebeck spending and I will have room to store the purchases when I get home. ;-)

Rhinebeck is another event happening this year. I am very excited to be going with Melanie and Angela. I think we'll have a great time together. I want to have specific goals in mind for that trip. I want to, most importantly, have a great time. I want to buy larger amounts of yarn for sweaters or hat/cowl/mitt sets. I want to have a specific purpose in mind for what I buy but I will allow 1 total impulse purchase.

In addition to shopping from stash this year I plan, in the first half of the year at least, to finish UFOs or frog them. I have a lot of UFOs and it's time that they were completed or removed from the line up. To that end, today is dedicated to reviewing UFOs, making those decisions and arranging the remaining projects in a way and a place that I have easy access to them. 

ETA I spent a good part of the day yesterday reviewing UFOs and stash. I have 30!!!!!! UFOs!!!
No new projects for me for quite a while!

Edited again to add that I just read about a program to knit or crochet blankets for people with Alzheimer's and I like that idea. I will plan to buy some washable wool to knit at least 1 blanket for that cause this year. 

I want to become comfortable with double knitting this year. I bought a pattern book and there are plenty of videos on line. I will make at least 2 patterns using the double knitting method.

That's it for goals for this year. I will be amazed if I can really clear out UFOS, even with frogging some of them. However, if I can get the number cut in half and then continue to work at them slowly, that will be great. And I have to stop joining KALs! They are truly a weak point for me. ;-)

Happy knitting to all.

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EGunn said...

Those sound like some good goals to me! Enjoy that extra time to yourself...I'm sure you'll come up with fun things to do.