Thursday, August 07, 2014


BbBBob's I'll start out with knitting content. I recently did a test knit for melanie for her new color work socks called Heddwyn. I loved knitting them, though I did have problems getting the floats loose enough. Once I switched to knitting the sock inside out, the tension was fine. The second sock will be knit entirely inside out. the first sock is a bit snug going over the heel. Check out the pattern on Ravelery. The second sock will be cast on very soon.

The next item is yarn. I was packing to go to NY to help my mother move out of her house of 56 years into a 2 bedroom apartment. Bob and I were going to help move, along with eldest son and his girlfirend, and then Bob and I planned to stay for a week to help her get unpacked and find things in her new neighborhood. I thought I would get some knitting n and wanted simple knitting so I could chat. As it turned out, we were pretty much too tired to do any chatting or knitting in the evening, so I didn't need this extra project. I cast on before we left and only knitted a few rows, so i am actually not counting it as a WIP. I plan to knit Viajante with it. Since I didn't get far, I will put it away and work on my "real" WIPs. ;-)

Next up is the Zigzagular sock I am kitting for eldest son. None of the patterns from the tour de sock were good options to knit for him and I love the feel of this yarn. It feels strong and cushiony and the colors are conservative enough for him. I saw this pattern and decided it was just right. It is ready for the heel flap now. 

While we were in NY, we took a day off and went out to our favorite place - Montauk - for just a day. We went to the lighthouse, were drove on the beach, we waded in the ocean (I forgot to bring shorts or a swim suit, so that's all we did in the water) and bob went surf fishing. He caught a very nice bluefish, which we brought home and ate a few days later. Yum!!!
The beach

Beach rocks

Beach roses.

Our shadow while swinging on a swing at the light house. 
Montauk Lighthouse.

The Altantic ocean from the lighthouse parking lot.
Bob's bluefish.

I totally failed at the tour de sock. I didn't finish 1 pair on time. I loved several of the patterns and plan to finish the socks I started over the next few months. I failed at the tour de Fleece, too. Work and life got in the way. I plan to get back to regular spinning now, though. I will finish spinning the first braid of fiber I plan to use for my Age of Brass and Steam scarf (seen below) and start the second one.

I finally found out how to get pictures from the I phone onto the computer so Blogger will find and accept them. 
This is Whippoorwill, a pattern given to me by Melanie. I added beads and love the shawl. It took way longer than it should have to finish and then it took me forever to block it but here it is!

I hope to blog more often now that the picture problem is solved. Have a great day, all, and savor the summer. It ffeels like it has flown by. I am not ready for fall this year and it's not far away.

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EGunn said...

And wow, do you have pictures now that you know how to add them! I love the colorwork socks especially, and your Montauk photos have me wanting to run off to the beach!