Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Spinning in Spring

I love spinning this Wensleydale fiber. I love the colors and the silky feel of the fiber itself. I still have about 3 oz. to spin because my spinning time is limited by my back pain. I alternate between this spindle spinning

this wheel spinning (Corriedale pencil roving, 8 oz.)

(I plan to Navajo ply this to preserve the colors)

And this silk plying.

Isn't the color beautiful!

This last photo is some alpaca I tried to spin long draw or some variation of it, and incorporate mohair locks randomly into the alpaca. I love the way this feels - soft and squishy  - but I don't like the locks added. I'll do more of this without the addition of the locks, and try to find another use for them. The color, BTW, is much lighter than in real life - the sun was very strong. The brown is much deeper and the red is very bright and stands out from the deep brown.

I'll be working on my technique, too, since it leaves a lot to be desired. (that's an understatement!) I think I'll search for some videos to watch to help me out, and I need to get used to making adjustments on my wheel. I've fallen into a rut.

There is so much spinning I want to be doing. It's really frustrating that after a while (we are talking 15 minutes or so, not 4 hours) I get a lot of pain in my back and have to stop. I have the above spinning to finish, I have 8 oz. of Finn fiber to play with, more alpaca in different colors, several braids and bumps of dyed fibers purchased previously and a Black Welsh Mountian fleece arriving today. I also have a pound or more each of several other dyed fibers I purchased in years past that I really like and would like to spin up. I belong to a few study groups on Ravelry and would like to participate in some of thise group studies.

I am being good about doing my exercises as ordered and am feeling much better. HOWEVER I know that it will be easy for me to overdo once I feel better, so I am watching the clock and limiting my spinning time carefully. There is life - work and house and garden - to take care of, and that really has to have a higher priority. I think. ;)

Have a great day.

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