Saturday, April 16, 2011

Ressurection of the UFO

I have, so far, avoided casting on the new sweater. Here's the yarn - isn't it great?

I am very proud of myself, because I ususally succumb very quickly despite the best of intentions once I bring new yarn or a pattern into the house. Instead I resurrected an old friend - a vest I was knitting, cast on in 2009. I am using fibonacci striping sequence and knitting it side to side so the stripes are vertical.
I had knit the left front and most of the back previously, then either got tired of it or the weather got too warm. It's back in the realm of WIP now, and I have knitted about 10 inches on it over the weekend. It is fingering weight yarn so that's an accomplishment. LOL I have another half inch or so and then it's time to make the decreases for the V neck front of the vest. I have not yet decided on an edging, but right now I am tending towards I cord.

I finally bought buttons and sewed them to the Slinky Ribs top, so that is officially and completely a finished project. Maybe I'll get to wear it this week.

Before I started to hurt I managed to get some photos of the linen stitch scarf I am working on intermittently. This will be a holiday gift and so there's no rush.

I knitted a lot (see above) over the weekend. I also managed to get some plying (silk) done and a little bit of spinning (Wensleydale).  It was a rather depressing weekend, what with the grey skies, and I was sore from over-doing a bit on Saturday. In addition to the above knitting, I was reading - almost non-stop. I have loved the Earth's Children series of books by Jean Auel and I found the latest, and last (I am sorry to say) book on sale at BJs. I snapped it up on Friday and finished it yesterday! Those are thick books, but I couldn't seem to slow down. I'll go back in a month or so and re-read so that I catch more of the details. I did catch a few errors? or changes - things that the author referred to in the new book that were different than in the previous ones, but they were pretty minor. I am so sad that the series is over, but I enjoyed them tremendously.

I was home from work Monday with a very bad migraine and so didn't make much progress on anything. I sat outside for about an hour late in the day, once my eyes would tolerate that much brightness and I didn't feel so sick every thime I moved my head. It was, I think, a beautiful day - in the 80s and sunny most of the day but I had the blinds and curtains pulled all day. I hate migraines.

Weather and children permitting (her children, not mine), this Saturday Melanie will be coming over to help me skirt my fleece. I can then get to work washing it and figuring out what the heck I am going to do with it. ; )      
I am ready to get washing, though I doubt I'll spin more than a sample or two right away. I have other spinning to finish/catch up on. I want to finish the corriedale pencil roving on the wheel and I want to finish the Wensleydale and silk on the spindles. I have some Icelandic that I'd love to spin up and I think it will do best on a spindle but I'm not sure about the weight and which spindles I should use.

Happy spring.

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