Monday, March 07, 2011

Spinning and fiber craze

It seems, right now, that I can't get enough of spinning and fiber. Don't get me wrong - I have plenty of fiber - but I can't stop buying it. I belong to several groups on Ravelry that encourage experimentation with and learning about different breeds of sheep and their wool/yarn. I read about these breeds, decide I have to have some and .....

It hasn't been very long since I recieved some Finn, Falkland and White Welsh Mountain fiber to spin. I told DH that I was through buying fiber for at least 6 months. Then something came over me.

The latest slip is one I have always said that I would NEVER do - I bought raw wool. I can't explain it. I will have, some time in the end of March/early April, some raw Black Welsh Mountain fiber delivered to my house. It seemed like a good idea at the time but now I am wondering what the h**l I'm going to do with it. Help!

I spun some of my Masham on the drop spindle, some silk on the drop spindle (I thought I had spun enough to ply but the bobbins were not clsoe enough in weight) and some dark alpaca with some dyed mohair locks on the wheel. I was trying to accomplish a more woolen spin and playing around with long draw on the wheel. I am far from long draw but I think I am getting a more woolen yarn. I'll know more when I get it off the bobbin. It's fun, though, experimenting.

My back has been giving me problems lately. It started right around the time I visited Mom in NY. I thought I was making progress on getting better. Twice last week, though, I had some pretty bad muscle spasms. Saturday I decided that life goes on and I did the vacuuming. *Big* mistake. DH was trying to massage the spasms and it hurt so much that I was in tears. I had been putting off PT thinking that time and patience would take care of things, but after Saturday's pain, I decided that I couldn't wait longer. I called for a PT appointment this morning and, of course, no one can see me until next Wednesday. Wouldn't you know it. Grrrr. Well, I have meds and a TENS unit, and I'll be using those as needed. Yes, I am doing some stretching each day and some light exercises. But it hurts towards the mid afternoon.

Knitting progress? A few rows knitting on the lace shawl (I feel good about that), the toe cast on for the second DH sock and the heel gusset is in the works on the Calendula socks for Sharon. It's hard to knit when lying flat on your back or I would have had more knitting done.

We (DH and I) did copper pipe joint soldering on Sunday and got it right the first time! No leaks! The sink and the toilet in the downstairs bathroom are both being moved in our re-do, requiring the moving of the pipes. The room is a mess right now but should look pretty good and be more functional when we are finished. DH is doing most of the work, and with his vision problems, things take longer than usual, but it's getting done. Thank goodness I married a handy man.

We had snow overnight! It was just a bit, but I was shocked to find snow on my car this morning at 8 AM. Then I read the Yarn Harlot's blog and I no longer feel bad.

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